MS01 Biot theory in seismic wave propagation

undefinedP. Sahay1,undefinedT.M. Müller2
1Centro de Investigación Científica y de Educación Superior de Ensenada (CICESE), Mexico, 2Commenwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization [CSIRO], Australia


Biot theory brings the role of the solid and fluid constituents on equal footing to seismic wave propagation. The porosity and permeability are also explicitly present in this theory. Therefore, in reservoir seismology, particularly for multi-component seismic, it should be the natural framework to analyse wave field data to quantify the type of saturating fluid (whether it is oil, or gas, or water), its volume (i.e., the porosity) and whether it will flow (i.e., the permeability). Yet the application of Biot theory to reservoir seismology has not happened in a substantial way.
We are seeking contributions on the application of poroelastic wave theory to reservoir seismology, especially on the following topics:


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