MS27 Gas shale poromechanics at all scales

undefinedY. Abousleiman1, undefinedA. Cheng2undefinedA. Onaisi3

1integrated PoroMechanics Institute at the University of Oklahoma, United States, 2University of Mississippi, United States, 3Total, France


Shale energy (oil and gas) is an important energy resource that is abundant in most continents and countries, from USA/Canada, to South America, China, Europe, and many other parts of the world. Shale gas is one of the cleanest fossil energy in terms of CO2 emission. It is also one of the most underutilized resources due to the cost of extraction, which is partly due to the lack of a scientific understanding that can be utilized for technology development. The challenges for a scientific understanding of shale, such as the characterization of the mechanical and transport properties, the locking mechanisms among the organic contents and multi minerals, in the presence of multi scale pores, are on all scales, from the nano-, micro-, to global scales. This mini-symposium calls for the scientific contribution of poromechanics research leading to shale energy utilization applications.  



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