MS02 Mechanics of fluid-infiltrated earth materials - in memory of Terzaghi and Biot

undefinedJ.R. Rice1, undefinedF. Lehner2
1Harvard University, United States, 2University of Salzburg, Austria


In memory of Terzaghi and Biot, the symposium highlights poromechanics problems in the Earth, energy, environment, resources and habitability domains, including forefront experimental studies, theoretical advances (e.g. in inelastic constitutive theory), computational methodology, and novel applications to human-influenced and natural settings.  That includes such areas as induced seismicity, fault and earthquake mechanics, sediment liquefaction and compaction, gravity-driven mass motions, effects of chemically unstable components (e.g., methane hydrates on seafloor, thermally decomposing media in shear zones), glacial and sub-glacial hydrology and flow mechanics, sea-ice breakup, pore-pressure-induced deformation within and around reservoirs or repositories, 4D seismic characterizations, hydraulic fracturing, unstable foundations, tunneling, and failures of dams, levees and related fluid-containment systems.


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