MS22 Multiphysics numerical modelling of geomaterials and computational strategies

undefinedF. Pesavento1, undefinedL. Sanavia2, undefinedL. Schrefler2
1University of Padova, Italy, 2University of Padova, Italy


Geomaterials, biomaterials and other porous materials are classified as those with an internal structure and are characterized by a deformable solid skeleton with open and closed pores containing one or more fluids. In case of open pores these fluids usually are moving with respect to the solid skeleton and interact with each other and with the solid. Multiphysics processes are usually involved.
This Minisymposium will provide a forum for presentation and discussion of the current state of the art in the field of coupled models for multiphase porous materials and their numerical solution for the analysis of emerging multiphysics civil, environmental, chemical and bio- engineering problems. 


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