MS21 Multiscale and stochastic modeling in poromechanics

undefinedM. Murad1, undefinedR.E. Showalter2, undefinedX.F. Xu3
1LNCC/MCT Petropolis, Brazil, 2Oregon State University, United States, 3Stevens Institute of Technology, United States


In spite of many accomplishments for flow and reactive transport in rigid porous media, multiscale and stochastic models for heterogeneous systems are still producing modest results in the field of Poromechanics. Examples of such discrepancy involve the Geomechanics of highly heterogeneos reservoirs and aquifers where, in  addition to permeability, strong variability and uncertainty in the poromechanical coefficients need to be incorporated. The purpose of this MS is to form a multidisciplinary forum consisting of scientists from distinct areas working on this topic and to provide a fruitful discussion on this subject.
Our aim is to bridge different scales, particularly nanopores, micropores, core, fracture, and field scales. 


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