MS24 Multiscale modeling of transport phenomena and failure in porous materials

undefinedG. Meschke1, undefinedJ.J. Timothy1
1Ruhr University Bochum, Germany


The mini-symposium will focus on recent advances, challenges and ongoing research in computational and analytical methods for a multiscale paradigm in modeling transport phenomena in intact and fracturing porous materials. Among others, the following topics with regard to porous materials will be covered in the Minisymposium:

• Micromechanical models for transport phenomena
• microstructure modeling (tortuosity, percolation)  in intact and cracked porous materials (geological materials, concrete etc.)
• Meso-scale models (Pore-network models, lattice, particle models)
• Homogenization and upscaling methods (continuum micromechanics, computational homogenization, asymptotic methods) in transport phenomena
• Couplings between transport and fracture
• Novel discretization methods applied to fracture processes in the context of modeling transport problems
• Modeling of transport in porous materials in the context of physico-chemo-mechanical processes (creep, shrinkage, chemical dissolution, chemically expansive processes)  


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