MS05 Poromechanics of confined reactions

undefinedG.W. Scherer1, undefinedR. Espinosa-Marzal2, undefinedD.K. Dysthe3, undefinedP.B. Kelemen4
1Princeton University, Rutgers University, 2ETH Zurich, Switzerland, 3University of Oslo, Norway, 4Columbia University, United States


This symposium addresses the poromechanical consequences of reactions, such as crystallization of ice or salts, corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete, or carbonation of cement and minerals by geosequestered CO2, that occur within porous materials. Such processes are responsible for phenomena ranging from sculpting of mountains to deterioration of monuments and civil infrastructure. Papers are solicited on theoretical and experimental studies of the poromechanical aspects of confined reactions.


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