MS25 The applicability of Biot’s theory of dynamic poroelasticity to rocks

undefinedR.W. Zimmerman
Imperical College, United Kingdom


It is widely agreed that Biot's 1941 theory of static poroelasticity is "correct", at least as far as linearized elastic behavior is concerned. Those equations have been re-derived by many researchers, and the results are always equivalent. But the "correctness" of Biot's 1956 equations of dynamic poroelasticity is not so obvious, particularly for rock-like materials whose pore space may contain cracks and pores of different sizes and shapes. Specifically, by a proper and realistic choice of parameter values, can this theory yield results that agree quantitatively with laboratory data? Does this theory qualitatively predict the correct trends with regards to the effect of parameters such as fluid viscosity, etc.? In other words, are the Biot equations of dynamic poroelasticity essentially correct, only partially correct (but a good starting point), or fundamentally flawed? The purpose of this minisymposium is to gather together and critically assess the laboratory evidence, and attempt to arrive at an answer to the question posed above.


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